Party FAQ

Clown Party Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Ages Do You Recommend For A Clown Party? Since Eddie Rae is a modern clown, his appearance makes him cool and fun to the kids. He also caters each show to fit the proper age group. We normally recommend 3 years and up and he has performed for kids even in their teens. Even parents get a kick and are astonished during Eddie’s performances and shows.
  • Do You Make Balloon Animals/Sculptures? Eddie use to provide balloon animals but found from experience that they just don’t last long. Balloons easily pop, especially when the children are playing with them. It turns out being a total money waster as the children sometimes don’t have a souvenir to go home with because they pop. A popping balloon can also be a huge distraction during the clown comedy show and some young children may even cry because of the noise.. and trust us… you don’t want a crying boy or girl!  Instead, Eddie provides souvenir’s such as autographed photos, and even clown magic goodie bags filled with a clown book that teaches tricks, jokes, and more. This is the best option as the children will have a cool souvenir to remember the show by. Ask Eddie today which clown party package is right for you and what souvenir’s might come with it.
  • How Do You Dress? Since Eddie is a modern clown, his attire is often colorful, while wearing black shoes. He often wears different vests that can range in colors from silver, to blue etc. He sometimes wears a tie of an opposite color which really pops out. He looks very professional, but fun and approachable. Eddie does not have a painted face as many children are fearful of clowns like this. Instead Eddie wears his big smile and a red sponge nose which always is greeted with smiles!
  • Where Do You Perform Your Clown Parties? Eddie brings his clown comedy show to your home, hall, party room, park, pavilion, anywhere. He can perform his clown show inside and even outside with weather permitting, of course. He travels to many areas in Pennsylvania including: Allentown, Bethlehem, Harrisburg, Lebanon, Lancaster, Reading, Philadelphia, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, York and more.
  • Do You Charge Extra Fees/ Travel Fees? Any pricing listed on Eddie’s site for clown/magic shows and services are exactly what you will pay with no hidden costs or fees. The only additional fees are if you choose to order more souvenir’s and/or goodie bags, but that is up to you. We don’t charge any extra fees for travel unless you are out of the normal zone we service. Normally areas like Allentown, Scranton, Reading, Philadelphia, Lancaster, York, and Harrisburg are the “normal” areas for us. If you live elsewhere, just contact us and we will provide any more details if necessary!