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Hiring Clowns In York Pennsylvania

I am happy you came across our website. In this article we are going to discuss how hiring clowns, like Eddie Rae can make your next kids party event a huge hit!

  1. Kids Love Eddie’s Clown Shows! It’s true! He captivates children of all ages using his fun personality, hilarious jokes and comedy routines, and his visual magician tricks that will keep them astonished. Don’t worry about young kids being scared of clowns…. Eddie isn’t your typical painted face character. He looks cool, and fun, and his clowning around makes kids fill up with laughter rather then tears.
  2. The Kids Become Part of The Show! It’s important to keep the kids attention during Eddie’s clown show so he actually uses a tons of volunteers to help! Whether the kids are helping from their seats, or are chosen to stand-up and help, there is always a ton of interaction that includes everyone in a FUN WAY! Many times audience interaction like this creates unforgettable moments that the kids will talk about well after the clown show has ended!
  3. Energy! Eddie comes prepared to keep the level of energy up at the party. A party that is quiet or slow is often a bore to the kids and of course you want them to have FUN. Eddie’s experience and know how of keeping the kids energy levels up while keeping them under control is the mark of a true pro! During the clown show, the kids will get to yell magical words, and of course all be laughing hysterically at his jokes and comedy sketches.
  4. Juggling? Sure! Eddie mixes a few unique art forms into his show to create an experience that no one else in York, PA is doing. Magic, Juggling, Joke Telling, Comedy, and Music all factor into the clown show in one form or another!