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Hire The Best Kids Clown in Lebanon, PA – Eddie Rae

Eddie Rae isn’t your typical clown. He is a modern clown who features a very likeable character that isn’t scary to kids! He is very popular among children of all ages from 3 and up. He has performed his clown shows at birthday parties, in schools for assembly programs, at libraries, and more!

Often clowns wear make-up of all sorts to cover their faces. This is something clowns have done for years.. and currently still do, but not Eddie Rae. Why? Through Eddie’s experience, he’s learned that many kids are frightened of clowns with painted faces as they cannot relate to them. In fact, some adults are also afraid of clowns too. This fear actually has a name: coulrophobia.

To make himself unique and stand-out from other clowns in Lebanon, PA… Eddie only wears a cute red sponge nose on his face. The rest of his outfit differs from show to show but he looks very colorful and professional. He wears vests, ties, and black dress shoes. The props Eddie uses in his comedy clown shows are colorful and visual for all to see!

Along with his professional and fun attire, Eddie performs amazing magical tricks that will even amaze adults in the room! His humor electrifies the entire crowd from young to old… literally having people laugh out loud! He features all sorts of comedy skits, prop comedy, sight gags, jokes and more!

With this amazing combination, Eddie ensures that your next kids party or event will be memorable and FUN! So, are you ready to learn more about this clown in Lebanon PA? Clown for Kids, Eddie Rae would love to discuss your upcoming party. He books up in advance so please contact him right now, simply use the menu at the top of the website to browse and navigate!
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