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Clowns in Lancaster PA For Birthday Parties and Events

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Kids Clown in Lancster, PA For Parties / Events

Here are some quick tips when hiring a clown! Please read the article to learn which clown is going to be best!

  1. Word of Mouth / Reviews: When searching for the perfect entertainer for your kids party it’s important to read what others think. Testimonials, word of mouth, and reviews can easily display to you which clown has the most experience, and which has the best entertainment show. Without testimonials, how do you know if the clown you are hiring is any good? There is a lot of power in words, make sure you ask the clown in Lancaster for testimonials when contacting them.
  2. A bore? Or.. a TON OF FUN? Imagine hiring a clown that simply isn’t entertaining! Wow, that would be a disaster and unfortunately there are some clowns that just don’t understand how to entertain KIDS! Eddie Rae, has the experience from performing over 200 plus shows a year! He knows what makes kids laugh and tick. In fact, he not only can entertain youngsters, he has been known to perform and delight adults too.
  3. Versatility. Some clowns in town are not very versatile and request to only perform in certain situations. This limits your ability to plan out the event YOU wanted. With Eddie, he is very versatile and can bring his entertaining clown show to almost any venue. He can perform both outdoors and indoors and doesn’t require a huge amount of space like some do. So, before you change your event for the clown… how about finding one like Eddie Rae who will customize the show for you?!
  4. Making contact. It’s important when you find a clown like Eddie, that you make contact promptly. Since is a full time pro his schedule gets booked up rapidly and many weekend dates get jammed packed sometimes weeks or more in advance. Don’t let the opportunity of hiring a great clown for your event slip by. Take the initiative and hire the busiest clown around for your kids party or event… you will love him.

Clowns in Lancaster, PA like Eddie love putting smiles on kids faces and making them laugh. You can bring this experience into your home for a very affordable investment. He will create memories that will last a lifetime! Book this clown today and the party will be the talk of the town!